Realtor World Guest Post: Chandra Falcone


mkm-realtorworld-4_25_18Time for another REALTOR WORLD guest post: by Chandra Falcone from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate First Realty Group in Richmond, Indiana:

Pick an agent you can trust – Because you have never done this before or maybe you haven’t done this in a while, depending on your needs. During the home purchasing process, you will often be at the mercy of those more knowledgeable than you – namely your agent. While you will always have the final word (after all this is your choice), most of the information you get throughout the process of buying your home will come from the Realtor. It only makes sense to pick one you can trust, one who understands your unique circumstances and one that can relate with you through it all. The agent is working for you and should meet your criteria. Some first-time buyers choose to go with a family friend or an agent recommended to them by someone they trust. Others just pick one out of a Google search. How the agent communicates with you based off of your preference (text, Facebook, phone, email, etc.) and how prompt they are with communication, as well as focusing on what’s best for you, demonstrates how much of a priority you are. A great agent will deliver the same experience with all clients whether buying a $10,000 house or a $1,000,000 house.

Decide on what type of housing makes the most sense – One of the decisions you will need to make in your home buying process is deciding what type of home you want based on your current life circumstances and needs. Do you travel a lot and don’t have time for property maintenance? Do you have kids who need a yard to play in or want room for a garden? What schools districts are in your desired area? What amenities matter for you? One of the things I have noticed working as a Real Estate agent is how some “first timers” do not have a strong grasp on just how much location and neighborhood not only affects the value of a home, but the ease in which you can sell your property down the road. There are not many factors that can influence the value of a home more than the location. Working with an experienced agent who not only understands the community you’re looking to buy in, but lives in the same community and is extremely knowledgeable on the area is important as well.