Finding the Perfect House

Finding the Perfect House


By Alfredo Diamond from Better Homes and Gardens First Realty Group

So, you’re looking for the perfect house? Well, not so fast. You may be looking for a home with the wrong expectations, which could lead you to a never-ending home search. This is why it’s so important to team up with a real estate professional for your home search.

The Importance of Vision

One thing I discuss with my clients is “Vision”. Imagine walking up to an open house on a Sunday. You instantly notice the faded mulch beds, ugly shutters, or front door that just happens to be painted your least favorite color. You don’t like the house, and you are instantly ready to leave and continue on with your home search.

But what if you could take a moment to visualize what could be? Stop and picture your favorite color on the front door, updated shutters, and a wonderfully landscaped lawn. We get so caught up in the moment and are quick to move from property to property if our needs aren’t met immediately. But what if you could create what you visualized as the perfect home?

As I attend showings with my clients, I simply ask them to walk through each home with an open mind. This is so important. The way you see a home now is not be how the home would be when it is finished or renovated. Take time to visualize a home with the perception of what would it look like with new flooring, new windows, new countertops, or even a complete bathroom overhaul.

At the end of every showing, my clients and I debrief at the front door where we started the walk through. I ask them what they liked about the home and what they would have to change to make it work for them. Next, we compare the property to other properties the client has previously seen. I work with my clients to rank the properties they view, so we identify where a property falls on their list. I ask my clients if they could see themselves living at this property for at least the next 5 years. We spend time visualizing the possibilities prior to moving onto the next house. This makes the buying decision so much more thought through.

Renovation Options

Do you know of any contractors, friends or relatives that would help pitch in on projects to help you? I’m sure if you looked around you just might find out you have more resources than you think! If you’re looking at a home that needs renovations in order to make it “the perfect house”, one option to think about is an FHA 203k loan or construction loan.

What is an FHA 203k loan? This loan is a government-backed loan that gets you the best of both worlds. You get government-backed financing and the option to be able to make renovations within an approved budget. That budget is the difference in purchase price and perceived appraised value of the home as completed with the renovations. The difference in those values can be used to create that perfect home that you’re looking for.


Finding the perfect home is possible! All you need is a little “Vision” and you too can find your perfect home. Call Alfredo Diamond, local Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens out of Wayne County Indiana for all your real estate needs!


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