Top 5 Roadblocks for Home Buyers and Sellers

Top 5 Roadblocks for Home Buyers and Sellers


By Emily Bubeck from “YOUR” Home Team – Bruns Realty Group

Many buyers and sellers struggle along their real estate adventure, as it can be a stressful, grueling, exciting, anxious, and very demanding process. The real estate world is a roller-coaster of peaks and valleys, especially if you do not have an agent representing you along the way!

Here are a few roadblocks that we run into on a daily basis.

  1. Buyers Maintaining a Good Credit Score

I had a very close friend tell me years ago, “Your credit score is your lifeline! If you keep that where it’s supposed to be, you will be able to buy anything!” That continued to stick with me as I became an adult. It is so important in today’s market to be sure you have a good credit score and to get pre-approved before going out to preview homes. Many buyers need credit counseling before they are even pre-qualified for a home loan. Keep that credit score good folks—you will thank me later!!!

  1. Bidding Wars

My teammate and I have been in countless bidding wars in the last year! It is important to have an agent represent you who is educated and well-versed in these situations. When you work with us, we have a few tricks that make your offer stand out above your competition.

Most sellers will look for the best whole package deal. For example, are you doing an inspection or not? Do you have to take out a loan or will it be a cash purchase? Have you attached a pre-approval letter to your offer? Are you asking for too many items to go with the house? Are you making it contingent on your home selling? The list goes on and on.

The best package is not always the highest bid. If you are going to be sad seeing someone else living in that particular home, submit your highest and best package to make sure you don’t miss out on the home of your dreams!

  1. Negotiating Inspection Complications

When you are selling your home, it can be troubling to hear negative comments from a prospective buyer. It is extremely crucial to remain level-headed during the inspection period. You are so close to moving onto the next step in the process, but you have to be willing to give and take. You want to make sure that the buyer is comfortable with moving forward purchasing your home “as is” and “where is.” An experienced agent will help you to remain calm by giving you names of area experts to help remedy almost any problem imaginable!

TIP: Look at your property with a critical eye and fix any issues before putting that sign in the yard— you will be glad you did this beforehand to minimize stress during the inspection timeline.

  1. Appraisal Setbacks

When a prospective buyer is taking out a loan, the bank requires an appraisal. Agents and loan officers do NOT get to pick which appraiser gets the job. They have a rotating list and whoever is up next gets picked. Appraisal setbacks can include many things, such as the home not appraising out for the agreed upon purchase price or government loan standards not being met.

In this market, homes are selling for a lot higher than they have in the past, causing appraisers to scatter for comparable sold properties in the area.  Agents do their best to help buyers and sellers get over these setbacks to make it to the closing table.

  1. Finding a Home in your Desired Location

The perfect home in this market is hard to come by! We work most frequently in Mercer, Darke, and Auglaize counties, all of which are lacking listings across the board. If you are having trouble finding exactly what you want, it is a great idea to hook up with a full-time agent who is up to date on your territory’s home sales. If you are an active buyer, you can have your agent plug your criteria into a web portal which will notify you immediately via email whenever any agent submits a new property to the multiple listing service.

TIP: The agent you choose to work with can show you ANY home in the area. You do not have to contact the agent on the sign. It is easier to work with one agent so you don’t have to repeat your story over and over again. If you are loyal to us, we will work extremely hard to make your home buying process magical!

Remember to stay positive during your real estate adventure. Chances are you are going to lose out on a bidding war, run into inspection difficulties, have trouble finding a house in this tight market, and more. An experienced Realtor in your corner will help you navigate the real estate market with ease. It is our job to help people along the way!

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