Realtor World Guest Post: Chris Hartman

Realtor World Guest Post: Chris Hartman


Ready to take the leap into homeownership?
4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

By Chris Hartman from Better Homes and Gardens First Realty Group – “The Realtor You Know, The Brand You Trust”

Choosing to buy a home can be a very scary but exciting time, especially for a first-time homeowner.

There are a lot of moving parts, such as getting approved, choosing a realtor, and finding a home (just to name a few).

Here are a few things to ask yourself to see if you are ready to take the leap into home ownership:

1. Are you 100% percent committed to doing what it takes to be ready to become a homeowner?

2. Have you been to a lender to see about a pre-approval and/or know where you are at with your credit score?

3. Everyone wants the HGTV look: country setting, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, full finished basement and the bells and whistles. But it’s important to ask yourself; what are your needs vs. wants?

4. Do you know where to start looking for homes? (Tidbit: About 90% percent of buyers and sellers use a Realtor, and sticking with one Realtor is vital to your success.)

These are just a few things that are crucial to being successful when you begin your home search.

I have helped many individuals from start to finish. Call me today at 765-277-6699 so we can discuss your adventure to becoming a homeowner.

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