Spring Cleaning: Top Organization Tips to Renew and Refresh your Home

Spring Cleaning: Top Organization Tips to Renew and Refresh your Home


By Erin Spencer from West Coast Realty of Venice, FL

It’s that time again… spring has sprung! That means it’s time to get organized and tackle some long – awaited spring cleaning. Since this is such a huge task for me personally every year, I have compiled a few of my favorite tips to help you efficiently organize your home.

The first thing to focus on in spring cleaning is to organize your spaces! We all have a junk drawer…or two! Those will need to be cleaned out. When organizing anything, the best way to start is to remove everything, and wipe out the surface underneath. That empty space will instantly create a sense of satisfaction. Sort the items and throw away anything that you have not used in the past year. Drawer organizers can come in very handy right now as well, and can help keep the space looking neat for longer.

Storage containers and organizers are fabulous, however, do not buy any until AFTER you have purged your belongings. You truly won’t have any idea of what is still needed for storage until you get rid of what is NOT needed. There is an 80/20 rule that states we only use about 20% of what we have. If that is the case in your household as well, you probably have a ton of items you don’t need or use. Get rid of everything you can! Less is always more when it comes to organization.

Closets are always tricky, and usually over crowded. One trick I like to use is turning clothes hangers in the opposite direction after an item is worn. At the end of the year, remove the items that are still hanging in the original direction. These are the clothes you have not worn. Chances are if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably never will! Another fantastic closet trick is to keep a “discard bag” in the back of your closet. Any time you try on something that doesn’t work for you, doesn’t fit, is out of style etc., throw it in the bag! At the end of the year pitch, or donate to a good cause.

Organizing your spaces will make you feel renewed and refreshed. Be careful though, you don’t want to fall back into old routines! Keep these few things in mind to avoid that. Be picky about what you allow into your home! If it is not something you need, it shouldn’t be there. Items in your home, should fit the lifestyle you want to live. If it supports your future goals, it should stay. Uncomfortable reminders of the past, like clothes that don’t fit, need to go. If you truly need it, or love it, keep it and display it. You cannot appreciate items hidden deep in a closet somewhere. Setting limits can help us to avoid future clutter and mess as well. For example, allow yourself one shelf dedicated to your hobby (like crafting!). Anything that won’t fit on that shelf is too much. Use what you have before you buy more.

Lastly, take a step back and look at your space from the eyes of a guest. What did you notice? Do you like the first impression of what you see? With these simple steps, you should already see your space transforming into a more organized atmosphere, bringing a fresh sense of accomplishment into your home.

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