Why You Should Always Use a Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Always Use a Real Estate Agent


By Shelly Bergman from Lakeshore REALTORS®

So, you’re ready to sell your house, but the idea of having to pay so much in commission is daunting. Look, we get it, it’s a lot of money. Let’s dive into why the agent earns that commission.

First, not all of that money goes to the agent. A small portion actually goes to the agent, where the bulk of the commission goes to the brokerage. Sad, but true, for the agent at least! But for you as the seller, you benefit from having your home represented by a real estate company. Marketing tools, website listings, social media exposure, print ads – these are all benefits of listing with a real estate agent and brokerage.

Next, your agent is a real estate professional! They continue their education long after their license is issued, and their expertise is fine-tuned over the life of their career. That speaks volumes. The internet is a huge resource for the public, but as an agent, they have access to many websites and resources that are not available to the public. They have the experience and expertise to know your market and know what you need to do to sell your home.

Real estate agents have an expansive social network, so it’s common for agents to get the scoop on up-and-coming listings before anyone else knows. Who wouldn’t want that in their back pocket?

Then there’s paperwork. Let’s not talk about all of the paperwork that’s involved. We could write an entire magazine just on the paperwork.

Lastly, a good agent will have bulldog-like negotiating skills, obtaining the best deal for the client without being intimidated. Agents also work with a tight ethics mentality, assuring an honest and fair transaction.

It just makes all around good sense to hire an agent. We do the work for you!

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